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Avoid excessive taxi fares in Las Vegas

25 Apr

$14.8 million overcharged by Las Vegas taxicabs on trips to and from McCarran Airport. The average overcharge has been $10 per ride. Visitors to Sin City need to be aware of where they are going and tell the cab drivers to take the shortest route. The Nevada Taxicab Authority has been ineffective in preventing the “long-hauling” and visitors need to be aware ot this practice. The cab drivers spread the word when they notice Nevada Taxicab Authority police officers conducting “stings” and this renders the “sting” operations moot. The practice of “long-hauling” by the cab drivers is out and out fraud and benefits the cab companies and drivers while stealing from visitors.

Visitors using taxicabs for transportation to and from Las Vegas Resorts and hotels need to pay attention to signs at McCarran Airport and inside taxis that display estimated fares to popular resorts. Ask the taxi drivers what the fare will be and tell the driver to take the most direct route. Don’t let your brain go on vacation before the vacation starts.


Las Vegas skip tracing

30 Jul



Skip tracing is part science, part instinct, part luck! As the title suggests “skip tracing” is the act of locating someone who has left their last place of residence without a forwarding address. Las Vegas, Nevada is a difficult place to trace “skips” due to the high turnover rate of residents. This frequently occurs when money is owed. Before starting on a “skip trace” project the investigator needs to gather all available information on the person he is looking for. Full name, last known place of employment, date of birth, social security number if known, any references used, who to notify in case of emergency, and any other information known by the person requesting the skip trace.
Efforts should be made to obtain forwarding addresses at the post office or the last place of employment. The Las Vegas PI will need access to several sensitive commercial data bases where he might be able to identify family members that may know where the skip is currently.
Skip trace investigations can sometimes take several months to locate the person who skipped and depending on the difficulty of obtaining information can be more expensive than originally estimated. New information regarding the skip usually takes longer than a few weeks as it takes time for the “skip” to resettle and frequently the “skip” visits with friends or family prior to re-establishing a new residence and job.


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Surveillance on the Las Vegas strip.

22 Jul

Conducting surveillance on the Las Vegas strip is very difficult due to the extremely large number of guests on any given day, 240,000 to 250,000 and the complexity of the hotels on the strip.  Many if not most of the hotels have multiple towers and many, many ways to enter or leave the hotel property.  Add in the congestion in the casino areas and you will begin to understand how easy it is to lose a person in these conditions.  If the person under surveillance gets into a taxi line the surveillance investigator must get in the same line and then follow the subject taxi to taxi.  Not all of the taxi drivers are cooperative in following those under surveillance and many of them do not speak good English. 

Have you ever attempted to pick someone out of a crowd from a photograph that sometimes is five or more years old?  Not only has the person aged but most photographs are of persons who are smiling and in the real world people don’t walk around with a constant smile on their face.  When walking through a casino or on the busy Las Vegas strip the surveillance investigator can lose the surveillance by not paying strict attention for 10 seconds.  People vanish in a crowd in very short time periods.

 The surveillance investigator must maintain visual contact of the person he is watching but remain far enough away so the object of the investigation doesn’t observe the investigator too often.  This becomes more difficult if the surveillance continues into a nightclub or lounge. 

Surveillance projects must start at a place where the person under surveillance will be at a time certain or the surveillance never starts.  Simple proposition but sometimes very difficult to anticipate.



27 May

With an estimated homeless polulation of more than 12,000 Las Vegas is a difficult place to locate missing persons.  If the missing person is a resident of the Las Vegas area the missing person investigator will need a recent photograph, a complete physical description including tatoos and scars, a list of all known friends and relatives and the circumstances surroundning the disappearance.  If the person was a visitor to Las Vegas the missing person investigator will need the descriptions and the date and time of the last known contact with the missing person.  In all cases the missing person investigator will need a summary of all known medical and psychological issues.

If the missing person is a juvenile the missing person investigator will need the full descriptions, photographs, a list of all known friends and the date and time of the last known contact with the juvenile and a summary of all known social or medical issues.  Many missing juveniles (runaways) return within a week.  If there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the missing person immediate actions should be taken and in all missing person cases the local law enforcement agency should be notified.

Frequently missing person cases are not taken seriously.  If there are suspicious circumstances, known medical or psychological issues, the missing person case should be pursued with a substantial effort immediately.


Why conduct surveillance on a spouse or “significant other”?

12 Apr

Best answer is to either confirm or deny objectionable behavior.  If the warning signs of possible objectionable behavior are present and you are concerned about the activities of your spouse or “significant other” surveillance can assist you by either confirming the objectionable behavior or establishing the proper conduct of that person.  It becomes a win-win project! 

When conducting surveillance of a spouse or “significant other”, continue the surveillance for a period long enough to cover all time periods of possible misbehavior.  Cutting a surveillance too short can give you a result that later proves to be inaccurate because the suspected misbehavior occurred after the surveillance stopped.  Confirmation of proper conduct needs to cover all times when objectionable behavior could occur.

If possible, document observed objectionable behavior with video evidence.  This will assist you in making correct decisions regarding continuing or terminating the relationship.  If you utilize the services of a private investigator to conduct the surveillance only use a private investigator that is licensed in the State where the surveillance is going to be conducted.  If the surveillance is going to be conducted in the Las Vegas, Nevada area use an investigator who has knowledge of the laws for conducting surveillance in the hotels, casinos and clubs.  You can confirm the licensing status of private investigators in Nevada through the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board at


Las Vegas surveillance for cheating spouses……

31 Mar

Is it legal to have surveillance conducted on a suspected cheating spouse or significant other? Yes, as long as you don’t trespass while performing the surveillance. Can you video the activities of a suspected cheating spouse or significant other while they are in Las Vegas? Yes, but only when they are in a public place and you cannot record conversation unless the person recording the conversation is a party to the conversation.
Las Vegas licensed private investigators conduct surveillance on persons in the hotels, night clubs, strip clubs and any place the person under surveillance goes unless it is behind closed doors. Modern electronic equipment enables the investigator to video the activities of the suspected cheater without detection. Many persons who visit Las Vegas believe “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” and they engage in activities while visiting that they would never participate in while at home. The 85 plus pages in the Las Vegas phone book under “Adult Entertainment”, the 24/7 operation of the bars, the extraordinary atmosphere in the night clubs and the party mood of most of the visitors combined with the “gamblers flair for taking chances” encourages behavior that can lead to cheating.
Persons who travel to Las Vegas without their spouses or significant others are prime candidates to engage in unsupervised adult activities that may violate the relationship standards. Las Vegas is a complex city and the hotels are cities within the city. If you “need to know” be sure to utilize a skilled person with complete knowledge of the hotels, clubs and rules of the city.


Don’t get fooled by scamming tax preparer’s. Check them out before using them!

15 Mar

Using a qualified, reputable tax preparer is often the least painful route to paying the least amount of taxes. On the other hand, using a bad one can cost you a lot of money and could even put in you in jail, since you are ultimately responsible for the information that goes on your tax form.
Meanwhile, here are 7 simple tips that will help you find and work successfully with a reputable tax preparer:
1. Check if they’re “enrolled” tax preparers (which means they have taken an IRS exam) and/or qualified CPAs. Over the next three years, every tax preparer will have to be registered with the IRS, but not right now. So, find out just how qualified your preparer is.
2. Check out their credentials too with state licensing bodies (a few states, such as California and Oregon, actually have specific regulations for tax preparers). And ask them for verifiable references.
3. Establish who is actually going to do the work — the preparer or an assistant down the line? Unqualified preparers often miss key deductions.
4. Ask if they would represent you in the event of an audit or other review. This may turn out to be important — and will also give you an idea about how reputable and confident they are in their own abilities.
5. Get an upfront quotation on their fees. Usually they charge by the hour — and also find out how many hours they expect to spend. Don’t work with a preparer who offers to work for a percentage of your refund.
6. Monitor how much detail they ask for. If they don’t want to see receipts or scrutinize income and expenditure, they’re not doing their job.
7. Beware of scaremongers — preparers who try to persuade you it’s unsafe to take legitimate deductions — and very aggressive preparers. You likely want a tax preparer who will take all the legitimate deductions available, but no more.
And remember you are ultimately responsible for what goes on your tax form so check every line before you sign off on it.


Las Vegas Pimp Arrested

08 Mar

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested 33 year old Solomon Barron on several prostitution related charges. Barron transported several young girls from the East Coast to Las Vegas to work as prostitutes and on of the girls contacted police when she decided she no longer wanted to work as a prostitute.

This case has the earmarks of a major case as Solomon Barron was questioned extensively by Henderson Police Department in May of 2005 when Lindsay Harris a prostitute who worked for Barron was reported missing. Barron claimed that Lindsay Harris was his girlfriend. Her dismembered body was found off the side of an interstate in Illinois three years later.

Mike Kirkman


Las Vegas prostitutes and human trafficking

01 Mar

Is there a connecting with Las Vegas prostitutes and human trafficking? Are young girls enticed to come to Las Vegas with promises of lavish lifestyles, nice cars and lots of money? Are these young girls introduced to prostitution and then abused, threatened and forced to continue working as prostitutes by the pimps who recruited them from towns and cities across America and even foreign countries? How many of the young Asian girls who work in Las Vegas massage parlors are victims of human trafficking? The answer to all of these questions is yes!
Most people don’t have any idea of how a pimp controls their prostitutes. Why would a beautiful young female work as a prostitute and give all of the money to her pimp? Why don’t the young prostitutes just run away when they are away from the pimp and working? These young females are scared to death and afraid to runaway. They are afraid for themselves and for their families. They believe they their pimp will either harm them or their family members. They are hit by their pimps. They are abused by their pimps. They do what they are told to do by their pimps and they give their pimps all of the money they receive as prostitutes. Sad, but very true.
The pimps recruit young females from towns and cities across America. Many of the pimps bring the new recruits to Las Vegas and show them the bright lights and fast life style and then force them to become members of the oldest profession. Visitors to Las Vegas buy into the slogan “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”. Check out the “Adult Entertainment” listings in the Las Vegas phone books. Prostitution thrives in Las Vegas but is illegal. There are no legal brothels in Clark County, Nevada.
I believe that there will be prosecutions of human trafficking and pimping in Clark County, Nevada in 2010.

Mike Kirkman


Recording conversations in Nevada

25 Feb

In Nevada it is legal to record conversations between parties if one of the parties authorized the recording and the authorizing party participates in the conversation. In many of the States it is illegal to record conversations unless both parties agree to the recording. It is illegal in Nevada to record telephone conversations unless both parties authorize the recording.
NRS 200.650 Unauthorized, surreptitious intrusion of privacy by listening device prohibited. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 179.410 to 179.515, inclusive, and 704.195 a person shall not intrude upon the privacy of other persons by surreptitiously listening to, monitoring or recording, or attempting to listen to, monitor or record, by means of any mechanical, electronic or other listening device, any private conversation engaged in by the other persons, or disclose the existence, content, substance, purport, effect or meaning of any conversation so listened to, monitored or recorded, unless authorized to do so by one of the persons engaging in the conversation.
(Added to NRS by 1957, 335; A 1973, 1749; a989, 660)

Mike Kirkman