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Avoid excessive taxi fares in Las Vegas

25 Apr

$14.8 million overcharged by Las Vegas taxicabs on trips to and from McCarran Airport. The average overcharge has been $10 per ride. Visitors to Sin City need to be aware of where they are going and tell the cab drivers to take the shortest route. The Nevada Taxicab Authority has been ineffective in preventing the “long-hauling” and visitors need to be aware ot this practice. The cab drivers spread the word when they notice Nevada Taxicab Authority police officers conducting “stings” and this renders the “sting” operations moot. The practice of “long-hauling” by the cab drivers is out and out fraud and benefits the cab companies and drivers while stealing from visitors.

Visitors using taxicabs for transportation to and from Las Vegas Resorts and hotels need to pay attention to signs at McCarran Airport and inside taxis that display estimated fares to popular resorts. Ask the taxi drivers what the fare will be and tell the driver to take the most direct route. Don’t let your brain go on vacation before the vacation starts.